Melody//August Featured Model//Arizona Child Photographer

Melody: Age 4

Favorite Color: toss up between pink and purple.

Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers! (talking about them will make her smile)

Best Friend: Westin (her brother)

Favorite Playtime activity: Dress up (Nakupenda's favorite thing too! It's why we have a closet full of dresses now!)

When she grows up she wants to be: A teacher

Why Nakupenda Loves Melody: As if a mutual love of dressing up and spinning in dresses weren't enough, Melody has an awesome name. Not only is it musical, she shares a name with one of my favorite people in the whole world (My little sister). The first time we met, Melody was only 3 years old. She was too shy to speak to me, but that didn't stop her fierceness. Chickens gross me out, but she was absolutely fearless holding onto that black chicken, never missing a beat always focused on her job as a model


I love her laugh. When a silly mood hits her, it is really hard to get any work done because she makes me laugh as much as she makes herself laugh. Her smile is infectious in person and in her pictures. Editing images from our sessions together always puts me in a good mood.



There's so much to love about Melody as a person and a model She is fantastic at taking direction, she's willing to perch in high up windows, she tries everything she's asked, her eyes are stunning and oh that hair. I just love her beautiful hair with all the curls and bounce. If I had my way it would always be big, free and loose, I absolutely love that fro.



It's plain to see this little one is beautiful inside and out. I feel fortunate to work with this family. I love that her mom has this absolutely confidence in me to capture a great image. Even more so, I love that Melody has this confidence in me that allows her to be herself in front of the camera, because it is her true self that I truly adore.