Trayner//and baby makes 3//Arizona maternity photographer

There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation.
– Pamela S. Nadav

Maternity sessions are probably my favorite, they are by far the most unique session I have the opportunity to shoot. There is nothing quite like two people in love, anticipating they are watching grow, and dreaming of the future their child will having. I loved what her mom said just yesterday "Feeling my little princess move and kick and roll all over inside me. It's a special bond no one else will ever have with her". 

Then I get to watch this magical moment happening from behind my lens for an hour, I get to watch as mom feels baby moves, as dad watches protectively over them. I see it replayed in the images as I edit and in the end I feel like I was invited into this incredibly magical and special place the couple typically reserves for themselves. 

That magic is only intensified when I have the privilege of knowing just a little about one of the parents. I wonder if this baby will have that enthusiasm for life and the people around her like her momma does? Will she too be a radiant beauty? Will she be a fierce and loyal friend like I've seen her mom to be? Whoever she is, she's already changed their world and I loved seeing it.