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Nakupenda. I love.

In 2012, Nakupenda Photography was born out of love for a child.  It was a simple desire to save her life and a huge dream to pay for her school all the way through University. Together Elizabeth and I dreamed of what that future would look like and her enthusiasm for life fueled my desire to fight for her for as long as it would take.

School scholarships are created through all session, digital and print sales at Nakupenda Photography. 10% of every sale is dedicated to educational scholarships for children living in Kibera, Kenya. An additional annual fall fundraiser creates an additional source of funds. In January of 2015, Nakupenda was able to send Elizabeth (college), Deborah (high school) and Janette (primary/grade school) to school as well as pay for their room and board in safe homes. Nakupenda Photography will continue to add children as funds are made available. 

Asanta Sana (thank you very much) my friends. Your patronage is making dreams come true in a way I never imagined.

How it all began

In 2009 I spent a moment (2 months) of my life in Kenya. I fell in love with the country, the language, the people and most of all the children. All their little faces looking to be recognized, their voices wanting to be heard, their hands wanting to be held, their souls wanting to be loved. When I left the country, I was changed.

Did you know a story can punch you in the gut? Did you know it can rip your hearts to shreds? I do. 

In 2010, Monica (foster mother of 100 orphans) contacted me and my life shifted again. Elizabeth. She wanted so desperately to attend high school. She was born in a small village town. Her father had died of preventable diseases, but medicine is unavailable in her village. Her mom wanted her to marry at age 12, she would receive a cow to feed her family as a bride price. The man was more than 3 times her age, but the cow would feed her starving family and the marriage would take the burden of feeding her away. Monica intervened and took her to the city, where her uncle promised to pay for school. Things were looking up for Elizabeth, for the first time she felt hope. She studied hard to catch up in school, passed her entrance exams and enrolled in high school. Elizabeth allowed herself to dream of a future, to dream of becoming a doctor and returning to her home village and improving life for her friends and family that lived there.

Then, disaster struck again. Before the first tuition payment could be made her uncle was killed in a car accident and Elizabeth was asked to leave high school. There was no one else to help her. She was devastated and returned to city filled with despair and a desire to die. Without an education, girl her age are forced to turn to prostitution to feed themselves. Elizabeth declared she would rather die than live that life. I could feel her pain in the words I read. I knew that if I sponsored her I had to see her through to the end.

... and so Nakupenda Photography began. 



Janette, loves playing with dolls and dreams of becoming a nurse so she can help the hurting

Janette, loves playing with dolls and dreams of becoming a nurse so she can help the hurting

Elizabeth, December 2014. Happy and Healthy and ready to take on the future.

Elizabeth, December 2014. Happy and Healthy and ready to take on the future.

"An Education IS a Future" -Elizabeth

Did you know an entire year of primary school, with a uniform and lunch at school only costs $200 in Kenya? It costs more than that to drive myself to work every month!

Bringing Miracles, Inc. (a 501 c(3)) directly benefits Monica's school and her students.  Donations are used to fund teacher salaries, student tuition and the building of a school for the students. Please designate the purpose of your donation (school or scholarships) in the comments.  

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