Itty Bitty//Ponies & Pearls//Arizona Child Photographer

One of the greatest parts of this journey as a photographer are all the like minded individuals I have the opportunity to meet. Soaring Dreams Ranch, LLC is featured often because of their gorgeous horses and their generosity to share them with hundreds of children so we can create beautiful art. But, what I don't get to talk about often enough are the other incredible photographers I have met in the industry. I have loved, admired and greatly appreciated their presence in my life as they rock their businesses, encouraged me in ways they'll never know and shown me a little on how to juggle being a business owner and family. 

Annelise Jensen, the owner of Annelise Jensen Photography, is one of these incredible people. She came into my life and jumped into it, pushing me to try harder and reach higher in a moment I was wracked with self-doubt. She brings a light and a kindness with her that I truly admire. 

Despite being a phenomenal photographer herself, she still trusted me to make this little memory happen for her sweet girl and I am so grateful I was able to make this happen. 

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Kaylin//Ponies and Pearls//Arizona Child Photographer

Sweet Kaylin. There is something very special about this girl. She exudes love for everyone around her, she's quick to talk about her brother and all the things he loves to do or how much she loves being a big sister for the first time. It feels like she floats through life on a happy cloud bringing joy to her family that so clearly adores her. If I could have ordered a session for her I would have requested a field colored by wildflowers, a gorgeous pony and a soft Arizona sunset to accent her natural beauty. I nearly died of happiness when it just happened naturally. I genuinely cannot express how much I admire her entire family and I absolutely love getting to watch Kaylin grow up and model her life after her sweet mom.


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