Introducing Spokesmodel Eli//An Arizona Dance Session


When 2019 started, we decided to focus on sessions designed around who the child is and what they love. It was only natural that we start with our 2019 Spokesmodel team.

Last fall we offered Dance Powder sessions for the first time ever resulting in one of my favorite images ever, starring this sweet girl. The power of her hair flip, her grin, her love for dance, all shining through in a single image. We wanted to take this passion out into nature to see what we could create.



You might see a beautiful sunset and a sweet dancer in a gorgeous setting when you look at these pictures, but I see so much dedication, hard work and time captured here.

I see

.... a young girl crafting her skills in the world of dance. Passionate about what she does, putting in hours and sweat equity so she's strong enough to do an elbow stand ON ROCKS on a slant. 

... her dance studio OWNER who gave up a Friday night that she could have spent on so many many other things to spend it with a student and ensure that she is the best she can be (and to spot her on these ROCKS, that she's doing an elbow stand on)

.... all the years, late nights, practice, failures, successes working on my craft, building my business and trying to connect with amazing small business like Rhythm & Motion Dance Center and that studio owner who is dedicated enough to come and spot her student doing a elbow stand ON ROCKS. 



Capturing the talents of a young dancer in the uncontrolled environment of nature takes time, patience and focus. The unstable footing creates difficult balancing situations for the dancer and we are so impressed with how well Eli did on her feet.. or her elbows!

“I love how Nakupenda Photography captured her beauty, gracefulness, and innocence among breathtaking backdrops and tricky terrains” - Ali Batencourt

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