Introducing Spokesmodel Hayden//Arizona Dance Photographer



We first met Hayden back in 2017 when she went flipping through her dance studio’s portraits. We were impressed with the power and control she demonstrated, but we were blown away by her resemblance to Wonder Woman. Her long brown hair, her eyes, her beautiful face, the fact that she can essentially fly…. Led to us inviting her in for this creative session that same summer…

We knew when she applied for our team that we wanted to take her dance and acrobatic skills out to the desert and see what we could create by combing our two art forms (and her power of flight!)


“One more time, no wait, one more time, no wait… getting tired yet? I’m going to need you to do it again. Wow great jump, but I missed the apex… Again!”

The weather was beautiful, the location was quiet, and Hayden was as determined and energetic as ever performing leaps, leg lifts and hand stands over and over and over again so we could really nail the session. Her skirt lightly emphasized her movements as the sunset behind the mountain, highlighting her against a cloudless sky, creating images that made her look like she could fly.


“We first found Nakupenda at our dance studio. She took amazing pictures of our dancers. Her style stands out in every photo. She really thinks about what kind of style of photos would work great with your kids personality. Every session gets better and better from landscape to the style of the shoot. Her style is amazing!” -Machelle Ray


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