Floral Bath//Arizona Maternity Session

The Inspiration

After my own pregnancy, my view on maternity sessions shifted. There is nothing quite like the sensation of growing an entire life inside of your own body. Watching the way that little life pushes out against your belly completely reshaping it to be the perfect home in which to grow for 9 months, made me so obsessed with the curves of pregnancy. I had seen milk bath images floating around a couple of years ago and the more I mulled over the concept, the more perfect it felt for capturing the silhouette of a pregnant woman.

When I heard Christina was expecting her second little girl I was thrilled. She reminds me of my favorite Disney princess, Cinderella in the way she happily approaches the world and loves on the animals around her. I can just picture her singing to birds on her way to work. In addition, Cinderella blue looks stunning on her and I knew a blue floral milk bath would be the perfect compliment to her color.

The Session

Spring was filled with stunning pregnant mommies and I loved every second of it. This Floral bath session was one of my favorites (a close tie with our southwest inspired session found here). Christina has become a dear friend over the last 2 years of photographing her daughter, an element that added to the fun and excitement of trying out this new concept. She is stunning and I was thrilled that these images made her feel beautiful.

The Review

“These turned out so much more flattering and amazing than I could have ever imagined!  I’m planning to buy the gallery as soon as I can... obviously. Thank you so much for these!!!   I’m so excited!!!”