Introducing Spokesmodel Lexy//Arizona Child Photographer



When Lexy’s mom submitted for our spokesmodel program she had this to say about her daughter.

“My daughter is 11 years old, she loves art and crafts, drawing, and choreographing. She is a animal lover. Music is therapeutic for her and she loves posing for the camera. She is a Brave Princess Warrior….. She fights daily against Rare Chronic Disorders that never take her smile away.”

We were inspired by the positive and encouraging way Lexy’s mom spoke about her despite the daily obstacles she faces. Of course, because she mentioned animals, we had to ask about doing her session with our friends over at, Soaring Dreams Ranch, LLC. We feel these gentle giants always bring out the best in us and the kids we work with and we wanted Lexi’s session to be one to remember.


Soaring Dreams Ranch agreed to making the session memorable and offered to trailer out the ever trusty Pascal to the desert for this session. The session happened at the start of wildflower season and we were excited to capture not only the first buds of the season but a stunning sunset.

A horse’s intuition is amazing. At each session with the ranch’s horses I am blown away by how they react and interact with each child on a different and very personal level. Pascal, sensing Lexy’s kind heart, kept turning around to check on her and hug her with his head. The images these two created together blew me away.



”My daughter felt so comfortable and it was such a natural, loving atmosphere. She also deals with Sensory, OCD and Anxiety and she was perfectly okay. She is so excited for more photo sessions!!”

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