We are one//Arizona Child Photographer

Black lives Matter

blue lives matter! 

and like idiots we stand up red in the face from anger and scream "ALL LIVES MATTER!"

So determined to be correct, we spout off our well reasoned arguments, our logic, fingers in our ears, refusing to hear the other side out.....we must show you how wise we are! 

A nation divided against itself cannot stand.

Our wisdom only makes us fools. We spend so much time trying to convince others that our point of view is the only correct way to think. Thoughts tainted by the experiences of our lives, we think ours is the only experience that matters. Convinced our point of view is the only good one!  What has it gained us? This country is torn apart, we are tearing our communities apart, and all for the sake of being right. 

Broken hearted. I don't have the words to convince you that you missed the point. You have missed the opportunity to be Christ in a broken world. To be God's hands and feet. To love each other. To sit and weep with the broken hearted communities that are losing their children because their skin is a shade darker than yours. To mourn and agonize with those who lost their husbands, fathers, sisters, brothers, mothers because they chose to get up and go out and protect you this morning. If we truly agreed that all lives matter, then we agree that black lives matter and the social narrative of this country must change.  We would agree that the lives of police must be respected and valued, to teach our children that no matter our heritage, no matter how we identify, no matter where we come from we must seek the good of others. To love the wounded, to be a voice of reason in a chaotic world, to hope for peace and a better future.

Discouraged, even as I write these words it all sounds so cliche. These words i've heard repeated a thousand times until I and all those around me have so clearly become numb to them. It it too late to change?

I don't think so. 

We can make America Great, truly great. Not again, but for the first time. If we could simply recognize that we are One Nation united by a common voice of love for our children, our future and a hope that their tomorrow is better than our today.