Blue Eyed Bandits//Ponies & Pearls//Arizona Child Photographer

Once upon a time I was lucky enough to meet this sweet family of blue eyed babies. They were easy to love, easy to photograph and easy to embrace in a real and genuine why because they love with everything they have. 

And then suddenly 2 years whizzed by.

And I want time to slow down. I want to freeze them as little people. I don't ever want her to lose her sense of humor, or that deep belly laugh that shakes her whole body when she's making jokes. I hope she will always share her joy with me when she looks right into my camera, content to just hug the horse and simply be.....

I hope her sister always loves her the ways she does here, following big sister's example and gaining so much confidence from her simple encouragement in the matter of 20 minutes. 

I will always love the way every single one of these kids give me this tucked chin HUGE grin when they are making a joke with me. 

...The simple joy that comes from the moment they place their trust in me even when they aren't sure about their hair or the crazy hair pieces I make them wear...

....Their perfect 'serious' faces and open mouthed smiles...

But at the end of it all I am also grateful for the passage of time. These girls bring joy wherever they go. They already are incredible humans and I am excited to see who they grow up to be, and photograph all the moments along the way. 

I am so HAPPY they finally made it back to me. 


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