Brooke//The Beauty in the in Between//Arizona Tween Photographer

The Beauty in the in Between.

Because it's important to know how just how loved you are, how fully and completely you are enough, how much you will continue to be loved whether you succeed or fail, how beautiful you are in this in between time in life.

With each one of these sessions, I learn so much about who these tweens are as individuals. It was truly a unique experience getting to work with these twins. It's true what mom, dad and family all had to say. They may look alike but each of their personalities shine through in a beautiful and completely unique way in the way they talk, their interests and their sense of style. It was an absolute pleasure getting to know these beautiful girls. 

Dear Brooke,

Thank you for sharing your love of dance, your easy laugh and your aversion to reading with me. I loved getting to meet you and know a little about you. Your joy shines through in every way. You are clearly more loved than you could ever imagine. I just wanted to wish you a BIG happy birthday I hope your 13th year is filled with adventures! 

- Katie Harrison

"I love that wherever Brooke goes, she stands tall and confident in who she is and how she looks. That is so rare in women in general, but especially in girls her age" -Mom

"Brookie reminds me of myself because she likes to make other people laugh" -Dad

"She simply loves to be involved and live life to the fullest" -Mom

"I love that she is so easy to talk to" -Family Friend 

One thing I really want Brooke to know is....

"who she is on the inside is so much more beautiful than how she looks on the outside. Brooke is a beautiful girl- without a doubt- but the best part of her is in her compassion, and kindness and sense of humor" - Mom

"You are unique in everyone's eyes, your personality is just yours." -Family Friend

"No matter what happens, no matter where you go, no matter what you do- you can always count that I will be right by your side" -Dad



"I truly don't ever see Brooke worry. She takes things in stride." -Mom


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