Carlie//The Beauty in the in Between//Arizona Tween Photographer

The Beauty in the in Between.

Because it's important to know how just how loved you are, how fully and completely you are enough, how much you will continue to be loved whether you succeed or fail, how beautiful you are in this in between time in life. 

With each one of these sessions, I learn so much about who these tweens are as individuals. It was truly a unique experience getting to work with these twins. It's true what mom, dad and family all had to say. They may look alike but each of their personalities shine through in a beautiful and completely unique way in the way they talk, their interests and their sense of style. It was an absolute pleasure getting to know these beautiful girls. 

Dear Carlie,

Thank you for sharing your excellent taste in literature with me (yup I love Harry Potter too!), your enthusiasm for life and your willingness to work with me as I tried out new things. It is so incredible to me that you can love a place you hardly know like Malawi and I am praying for you and your family as you head back there. I hope your 13th year is filled with good books and athletic challenges to keep you learning and growing. Happy Birthday! 


"Carlie has been feisty and strong since her first breath! I knew instantly that she would be independent and strong. It made my heart swell and my dreams for the person she would become have known no boundaries since that moment" - Mom

"Carlie is an incredible friend; while she has experienced many bumps and bruises in her friendships, she often stands up for her friends and grants them grace in times of struggle or disappointment" - Mom

One thing I want her to know... 

"She is already enough- beautiful enough, smart enough, kind enough" - Mom

"Carlie, always believe you can succeed in anything you put your mind to" -Dad

"I want her to know that she doesn't have to impress others to feel confident about who she is. Your confidence can come from knowing that God created you just the way He want to" -Family Friend

"My proudest moments are when she shows loyalty and kindness to the people she cares about" - Mom

3 things I really admire about Carlie are "Determination, Dedication and intelligence" -Dad

"She is very helpful, a go-getter and determined in all she does" -Family Friend


"Her smile is enormous" -Mom

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