soaring dreams

Little Girls with Dreams//Inspirational Session//Arizona Horse Photographer

"Little Girls with Dreams become women with Vision" 

This session was an idea of my moms (lover of all things mini), meeting with the passion of Janelle (trainer at Soaring Dreams Ranch), meeting up with two girls that perfectly embody the idea behind this session. 

Never has it been more true that a little sister looked up to her big sister. From the first time I met her all Izzy could talk about were the horses that Miranda rides. When you talk with her she alternates between telling you all about Miranda's horse Tucker, explaining the things you need to care for Tucker and asking if you will help her do it like Miranda does. 

How lucky is this little girl to have a big sister like Miranda? Miranda takes the time to show Izzy how it's done and even lets her sit on Tucker. She encourages Izzy to try things for herself and seems to truly enjoy her sister's joy and excitement for all the animals at the barn. 

Despite the age difference, the bond between these two girls is truly wonderful. I absolutely loved getting to capture them with their perfectly sized horses. 


Payton//Ponies & Pearls//Arizona Child Photographer

Payton is one of the youngest Ponies & Pearls participants to date! I love working with children this age. They are fearless and have this innate ability to communicate with the horse. It's a way of sharing life with animals that doesn't last long, but is fascinating to witness. Her utter adoration of the horse shone through in every image. 

Payton, it was an absolute pleasure to work with you on this beautiful session. 

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