Prepping for Family Photos//Tips and Tricks Part I

Fall is coming and with it comes fall family picture season! 

However, if you’re like me the idea of getting in front of the camera is a mixed bag, so every Sunday in September I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks to get you ready for that big moment in front of the camera.

Tip #1: Focus on what your body CAN do.

Yup, that’s right this first one is about loving your self right where you’re at. We talk about this a lot because, let’s face it, it’s a hard one.

I’ve never felt confident in front of the camera. Even at my fittest, healthiest, slimmest, strongest I hated my body for one stupid reason. I didn’t FIT into the brands that were popular. American Eagle and Abercrombie didn’t carry jeans that could fit over my athletic legs built up from the hours and hours and hours I spent riding horses with my friends. I couldn’t see my body for what it COULD do only for what it couldn’t do. Fit in those pants. 

I always look back at that healthy younger version of myself and laugh. There’s a meme that goes around Facebook that says I wish I was as skinny as I was when I first thought I was fat. It’s true for so me because it’s so easy to get caught up in what the world around you says.

So now when I’m about to get in front of the camera I choose to dwell on the things my body CAN do and has done. I can run, I can walk my dogs, I have energy to keep up with my family and friends. I carried a baby and my body continues to keep him alive. I can reach out and hug my husband and hold my baby. I can recover from surgery and illness and find so much more joy on the other side. And I want my son to know these things about me. I want to exist in his memories. I want there to be evidence of these things that I am proud of. 

So in spite of how I feel, I will do this and find joy in it. I will leave evidence of how much I loved my family and found joy in them everyday. 

And that is how I talked myself into these family pictures 7 weeks after having my son. In the moment I struggled to not hate them because of the way I looked. But he has already changed so much and I’m glad I exist in them. <3