Cake Smashes and Carousel Horses//Arizona Child Photographer


The Inspiration

We are forever inspired by the events in the lives of our customers. Recently several of the youngest ones are reaching the age of 1! We wanted to create a session befitting the celebration these precious little lives deserve. So we called up our wonderful friend, Muddie Puddles, and asked her to make us a custom romper for this session (because nothing photographs as cute as one of her custom creations!) and created a set for the session based on the colors she found.

The carousel horse has been sitting in storage for years. When we saw the romper and the colors we just knew it had to make an appearance for the portrait portion of the session! The cake smash is a classic session for 1 year olds but we didn't stop there. Because some kids don't enjoy cake we wanted to end our sessions with something they would all love, bath time! 


The sessions


These sessions are designed to give you beautiful portraits of your child while making it fun for the little one to participate in. Little E was delighted through out the entire one hour session. She loved climbing on the carousel horse (and even baby-scolded her mom for daring to hang on to her while she was up there). You can see the look of delight in her face as she attempted to set the horse rocking. 

THE CAKE! She was so excited to dig in! 

We wrapped up the session playing in the bath tub. E could not decide if the little ducks or the bubble were her favorite part. We were delighted when she put her little fists below her chin and giggled at the bubble hitting her in the face. 

The Review


"My daughter participated in the Smash Cake session for her first birthday. We had such a good time! She loved the balloons and glitter. Katie had a beautiful set-up that matched her romper perfectly. My daughter enjoyed the cake, with some convincing. Katie was able to get her to eat the cake, rather than just tip in upside down. The best part was the bubble bath! My daughter loved all the bubbles and the props. Those photos are so precious. And tasteful. This was a great experience and we had lots of fun in the process!" 

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