Desert Rose//Afro Squad

I wish they could see the magic in them. I wish they could see their strength. I wish they could see the uniqueness of their beauty. 

I wish they could see their beauty is more than just the way they look, it's  the kindness all have, the way they walk in a room and instantly make friends and all the unique factors that make them, them. 

She is quiet but confident. She leads by example. Do not underestimate her. She will change the world around her. 

She is full of life and a joy that radiates from within her. She is a true conqueror and holds the strength of all the adversity she's overcome inside her. 

She is beautiful in so many ways from her unique look to the kind and steady way she loves. If you're lucky and you win her trust you'll be treated to funny jokes and the best laugh. 

She has a quick wit and the silliest sense of humor, but the best thing about her is her huge heart. A few minutes with her and you'll notice how much she adores her sister and all her friends. 

She walks the world with kindness spilling out of her. Her sweet soul is evident from hello. 

She will go out of her way to help anyone. She is fiercely loyal and cares deeply about those around her. 


I hope I get to see them grow up to be the fierce independent and strong women I know they can all be, and I hope they know there are so many people standing behind them, beside  them supporting them and cheering them on.