Jules//The Beauty in the In Between//Arizona Tween Photographer

The Beauty in the In Between.

Because it's important to know how just how loved you are, how fully and completely you are enough, how much you will continue to be loved whether you succeed or fail, how beautiful you are in this in between time in life.

"At a time when most children cave to the trend of the times, or the cruel remarks of their peers, or even adults, Jules has remained strong in who she is wearing what makes her feel comfortable and doing what she loves. She doesn't relinquish who she is just to fit in. Most importantly she does it with kindness." - Grandma

"A trait I absolutely adore is her sense of confidence.... She has this quiet confidence. She is good with who she is.... her style and her likes and dislikes. I wish I was more like her. She is just so confident in her own skin." -Mom


"I love watching her interact with her sister. Her little sis looks up to her and hangs on every word" -Dad




"Julia (made me proud when) she stood by her friend and defended her friend when others have been cruel and very mean. It would be so much easier for her to join the crowd but she doesn't. She makes sure to include her friend in everything.... I find that absolutely amazing" -Grandma


One thing I really want Jules to know is....

"She is wise beyond her years. She should always trust her heart because whether she knows or not she is usually right" -Dad

"She always makes us proud" - Mom

" I love her poise, her confidence, her inner strength, her style. I love the young woman she is becoming. I love that she is her own person. I love her sense of humor. Her ever present smile, I don't think she knows how to frown, the twinkle in her eyes." - Grandma

She is an especially wonderful sister "They play every day together at recess. That is the best. Sisters who play at recess and are friends?! That's so awesome!" - Mom

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