Ruby//Featured Model//Arizona Child Photographer

Favorite Color: Purple & Pink

Favorite Food: Chicken and Fries 

Best Friend: Her Cousins! 

Favorite Playtime Activity: Ruby loves to dress up in princess outfits

When she grows up she wants to be a..... Volleyball Player

What makes Ruby Unique: Ruby is unique because she is adopted and has lots of people that love her! 

Why Nakupenda loves Ruby: I have a major soft spot in my heart for any adopted kiddos. They're incredibly special people, and Ruby? Well she's really something. This feature session was only my second time working with her, but we got to know each other pretty well during this session. Ruby showed up ready to rock it and immediately struck this pose for me....

She told me she had been practicing and her confidence shined through! But that's not all we love about her. We love that she is fearless. We love the enthusiasm with which she talked about her family. Ask her about her mom and her whole face lights up like this while she tells you all her favorite things about her.  

Ruby is full of life, and chatter and general enthusiasm for everything that is going on. It is an absolute pleasure working with Ruby and we are so thrilled to know her! :) 


Nakupenda would love to know, what is it that makes this sweet girl special to you??