It feels like flying

Do you know what it feels like to fly? To feel the wind rush in your face, drying all your tears, wiping your hair around until its one gloriously tangled mess? Do you know what it feels like to be free, really free, from your burdens, your worries, your stresses, to enjoy respite? Do you know what it feels like to spend the whole day with your best friend, enjoying a never ending conversation without exchanging a word? Do you know what it feels like to have your bad days instantly turn to good and good days turn to better simply at the sight of your friend?

Do you know what it feels like to have fought a mighty battle to find your friend and then have your friendship threatened by circumstances out of your control?

Ellie does.

Ellie is a beautiful 12 year old girl. She's a brain cancer survivor and her best friend Johnny, is helping her find her strength again. We spent a beautiful Sunday morning together. You would never know what Ellie has faced by talking to her. Her hair is growing out again, her scar is only visible when she pulls her hair up to show you. Her smile and energy are contagious, but the most appealing thing is she hasn't let cancer define her. She's moving on, not looking back, dreaming of the day when she will be able to run her horse again. She is truly a conquerer. 


Her mom swears she'll never separate the two of them, but if you've ever experienced the burden of medical bills you know how hard she will have to fight to keep that promise. So does the horse community. So, they're all coming together on May 11 (mother's day), to host a bull riding benefit event to keep Johnny and Ellie together. So grab your mothers and come enjoy the age old battle of Man vs. Beast. You can check out the details here. Help Ellie keep her wings.


Fly Long, Fly Far Ms. Ellie. 

*Ellie is the first recipient of a Celebrate Life Session. Know someone who could use one? Nominate them here -->