You don't know what you don't know.. until you do

In January I posted this blog about my styled equestrian sessions


I was SO excited to start offering these sessions! You see, working with horses in photography can be quite challenging, sometimes they don't want to stand still, sometimes they'd rather stand ON you instead of next to you and most often they just really want to eat the weeds.  This can lead to really goofy expressions from horse and rider. It takes patience, encouragement for the humans handling the horse and trying to look nice (a very tricky feat) and edible bribes.  Still, I just fell in love with this type of session. 

I grew up around horses and I always really really wanted some glamorous images with MY horse, but she was far from glamorous and while I have very nice pictures with her, it was never quite the glamorous feel I dreamed of. Then I met Jennifer Jones and magic happened (see session mentioned above)and I knew, this is what I wanted to specialize in so... TA DAH! I announced it! I knew with so many equestrians following my page there HAD to be a desire for sessions like this!

but what I didn't know I didn't know  was a lot of non horse owners want sessions like this. When I learned about the desire, I wasn't prepared for it, i was so sad, but I had to turn them away, I just didn't have access to horses to do that.

Then through a random happenstance and my inattention to names, I met Jannelle Scott and became acquainted with Soaring Dreams Ranch, LLC. (spoiler alert: She's awesome). She invited me to come and do pictures at her ranch for her lesson students and it rocked! Her horses are serious stunners and just being next to them makes me feel glamorous.


Feeling jealous yet?

Well, here's were the really good news comes in. We will be conducting the mini sessions with Soaring Dreams Ranch again in the end of May! :-D I created a quick little signup for you to register your interest. -> These minis will be capped at 8 participants so I encourage you to be on the e-mail list as e-mail subscribers will get the notice first when signup opens (two people already signed up!)

Last but not least, the news I've been dying to share, Soaring Dreams Ranch, LLC. will be providing horses for ANYONE who wants to do a styled Equestrian Session (told ya' Janelle rocks).

Oh! and did I mention there's a price reduction? Now that I've been doing these session I have a better idea of the cost to me (not as expensive as I thought) so I'm passing the savings on to you. What?! Yup! Now you know :)